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“It was amazing to have the opportunity to have a go, I can’t believe what I did. I was so nervous but you created a friendly environment which felt safe. I never imagined I would have gone upside down.”

your safety first

Our priority is ensuring our students feel comfortable and safe. We support students through each and every move, ensuring they feel confident when attempting something new. There is always a crash mat under our silks, and we work carefully and attentively at the level of our students’ ability.

Keeping our bodies fit and well is very important at Cirque de Silk. At the beginning and end of every class, we carry out an intense warm-up and cool-down to minimise the risk of injury. Our instructors always check for existing injuries, and provide appropriate exercises for each individual.

We check our equipment on a six-weekly basis. This involves a thorough examination of our aerial silks, aerial hoops, and the rigging equipment. Our beams were designed by structural engineers at John Beveridge and fabricated and made by Castle Welding ltd. We have had the beams load tested by High Performance Rigging, who come back on a 6 monthly basis to check our rigging is safe and up to date.

Documentation of load testing is available upon request.