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Cirque De Silk Instructor Phoebe
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Company owner,
Teacher & performer

Phoebe is company owner and founder of Cirque de Silk. Her dream has always been to run her own studio, with a lot of dedication and hard work she is delighted it has finally come true. She has been a professional aerialist, circus performer and teacher since 2014. Her extensive training in Outdoor Arts BA (Hons) and Aerial Professional courses at Rouge Play and Aerial Southampton has led to her career in aerial arts. Her dynamic flow and daring drops have kept audiences captivated around the UK, Europe, and Asia. Aside from performing her passion lies with teaching and being a part of each student’s individual aerial journey. Her teaching is focussed on the positive impact aerial has on our physical and mental wellbeing, and believes aerial can be for anyone!

Cirque De Silk Evie Instructor
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Evie Quinlan

Aerial Hoop Teacher

My passion for dance and performance started at a young age, where I trained ballet from the age of three at SWSD. As a young adult my focus switched from dance to aerial. I started learning trapeze at Cave of Mystery with a goal to build up my strength so I could get into silks. I went on to train hoop and silks at the Circus Hub in Nottingham. Early 2020 I went on an intensive circus course in Cali, Columbia where we trained many circus disciplines such as Aerial, Spanish web, Cyr wheel, hair hanging, and tumbling. This combined all my interests in circus, and allowed me to bring in different teaching techniques within my practice. When returning from Columbia I continued my teaching apprenticeship with Cirque de Silk. Aerial gives me a space to be creative and relieve stress from everyday life.

Cirque De Silk Instructor Jemma
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Jemma Green

Aerial Silks Teacher

From a very young age I have always found myself physically active, participating in the likes of dance, gymnastics and trampolining. Ultimately, this led me to discovering the world of circus arts and finding my passion in aerial silks. I have since trained and completed an aerial teaching apprenticeship and joined the teaching team at Cirque de Silk. Aerial for me is an outlet for creativity and offers an abundance of mental and physical benefits, that I believe should be accessible to everyone. I love seeing what adults and children alike can achieve through aerial arts.

Cirque De Silk Instructor Daisy
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Daisy George

Yoga Teacher

Daisy has been practicing yoga for over eight years and for her, yoga and stretch provide the perfect opportunity to look after both physical and mental health. She is passionate about helping students incorporate yoga and stretching into their daily routines, whether it’s for muscle recovery from aerial practice, or just as a dedicated “time out” from everyday life!

Daisy’s BSc in Human Biosciences means she has a wealth of knowledge on anatomy and physiology which she incorporates into her classes, and her PGCE in Biology and Psychology allows her to make use of her academic teaching experience in stretch and yoga classes. As well as her BSc and PGCE, Daisy holds a foundation course in yoga from the British Wheel of Yoga and is currently completing her BWY teacher training.

Cirque De Silk Instructor Lydia
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Lydia Cracknell

Handstands & Gymnastics Teacher

I am an elite level acrobatic gymnast and love all things acrobatic! In 2019 I was selected for the GB squad and chosen to represent Great Britain at a world cup in Maia as the base of a senior women’s pair.  I have also been selected for GB squad training as part of a senior trio. I enjoy teaching and sharing my love of this little known sport with others. When I am not busy throwing, catching or balancing people I can be found upside down! I love an excuse to handstand and am always looking for new and exciting places to do it. It’s not a proper day out unless I have ruined some beautiful scenery with a handstand photo or two!

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Jenna Moran

Circus Skills Teacher

I have been teaching Circus skills for almost 20 years. I love teaching because I can help children and adults develop skills that they think are impossible. If you can juggle you can do anything! Most recently I have worked with the pupils at Hindhayes school and I’ve been involved with the South Somerset play days. In the past I have taught at Cirque’s Holiday Club, Godney Gathering, Bristol Kite Festival and Ashcott Beer Festival.


Cirque De Silk Instructor Lena
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Fitness Pilates Instructor

Lena is a fully qualified Pilates and Dance Instructor and Choreographer, with nearly 30 years teaching experience, working with children, aspiring professional dancers, through to adults and older adults with mobility or underlying health conditions.  She is an Arts Events Manager and has run a large scale dance festival in Berkshire for the past 20 years.  Lena’s passion for dance and fitness is in finding something that is right for every individual and inspires them to move in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable for life.

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All of our classes are booked in 4 week courses. Once you’ve booked onto a course your space will be reserved unless you want to leave the class. We will have waiting lists available for the classes which are full.

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All of our instructors have the relevant training to teach their disciplines. Our teachers are First Aid Trained, DBS Certified and Safeguarding trained where relevant. All of our teachers have correct insurance to teach their classes.