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Cirque De Silk Hoop Student

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Comfortable gym/dance wear. We recommend leggings or jogging bottoms and a top, or leotard and tights. Covering your legs helps prevent friction burns and burns.

Cirque de Silk, The Aerial Attic at Crispin Hall, 83 High St, Street BA16 0EZ

(NOT at the secondary school!)

We run our courses in 4 week blocks, and the cost varies depending on your type of class.

We try to run regular free taster sessions throughout the year for new students. Keep an eye out on our socials and mailing list for upcoming sessions.

We group classes roughly by age: Kids 5 – 7, Juniors 8 – 12,  Teens 10 – 15, and Adults. Within each age bracket, we run beginners, beginners + and intermediate classes. But we’re all different, so if you think your child would do better in an older or younger class, that’s fine.  

If you’re an adult with no previous experience of aerial training, come along to a beginner’s class and see how you do! Once you’re ready to climb the silks unsupported – and then go upside down – you’re ready for an intermediate class.

NO! We get asked this question a lot and the answer is a strong NO. A lot of people starting aerial aren’t strong and flexible – this is something you’ll gain throughout the course.

Aerial Silks is a circus and gymnastics art where you’re suspended in the air by two lengths of fabric rigged from a high point. Your body wraps and knots around the fabric whilst striking incredible positions and drops.  

Aerial Hoop is a similar style of performance, using a suspended steel circle rather than fabric. You’ll spin, roll and drop in a captivating dance, moving through a range of glamorous positions.  

Both disciplines train your body to its full potential, pushing your flexibility and strength to levels you’d never imagine so you can create incredible shapes in the air.

Step by step! During the class, the instructor will take you step by step through a range of techniques and positions while providing constant physical support and encouragement, leading from each student’s personal aims. Safety is a priority for us: we always ensure our students feel comfortable and confident. Check out “Staying Safe”for more information.